Why you should consider an Autumnal Wedding…for the pictures alone!

At some point in our busy lives we’ve been stopped in our tracks and won over by clever, thought provoking and striking photography, particularly in advertisements and campaigns. American Wedding photographer Wes Eisenhauer  has taught us weddings are not seasonal and if you are searching for a date for your special day, be bold and look beyond the clear skies and sunshine. Eisenhaur’s latest work has changed our views on why an autumnal wedding are just as appealing as a summer wedding – and maybe more. One of the shots from his impressive repertoire below he climbed an actual tree to make a photo happen – committed to cause!

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Eisenhauer said, ‘I try to make wedding photography as interesting as possible, which usually entails me putting myself in an awkward positions…I’m sure some people think I’m crazy, but they’re usually very happy when I can get an outcome like this.

The photos come from a gorgeous autumnal wedding in a beautiful Chapel In The Woods in Orono, Minnesota.

Autumnal Weddings Wes Eisenhauer 3

Autumnal Weddings Wes Eisenhauer 4

Autumnal Weddings Wes Eisenhauer 5

Autumnal Weddings Wes Eisenhauer 2

To justify why weddings in the Autumn need to be considered, we explored the web for support and in our research we came across Wedding and Bridal website The Knot, who quickly dispel myths surrounding an Autumnal wedding. From earth tones and wedding attire for the bridesmaids and men to decorative seasonal fruits and resigning to the fact you have to hold the festivities indoors, read the full article here. So maybe hold fire with the pumpkin centrepieces then?

Autumnal Weddings
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Autumnal Weddings
Why you should consider an Autumnal Wedding…for the pictures alone! American Wedding photographer Wes Eisenhauer has proved you can look beyond the sunshine.