EEA Photography Competition – ‘Environment and Me’

The EEA (European Environment Agency) has launched a photography competition this week called the ‘Environment and Me’, consisting of 48 pictures shortlisted from 34 countries by the EEA. To win the People’s Choice Award, the entries from the finalists put forward by the pre-selection committee will be open for a public vote 15 October – 15 November 2014. Competition winners will receive a cash prize, and all participants will have a chance of getting their work promoted by the EEA and its partners across Europe. The winners will be awarded cash prizes of EUR 2000 for the 1st prize, EUR 1500 for the 2nd prize, EUR 1000 for the 3rd prize and EUR 500 for public choice award and youth prize. Winners in other categories will be adjudged by a panel of experts from across Europe on 16 December.

From small villages in the countryside or densely populated city to the beauty of nature, the environment is around us.

“It is the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the furniture, clothes and gadgets we use, the energy we consume, the strolls we take in the woods… We are connected with and dependent on the environment. What does the environment mean to you?” EEA spokesperson

The EEA’s photo contest invited people to share their views by choosing to depict a personal or a generic story. The photos submitted range from a golden eagle in flight, a tiny frog sitting in a flower and an icy stream in a beech forest are among the photos shortlisted.

In the beech forest by Daniel Danko

EEA Photography Competition - Beech forest by Daniel Danko

Tera mystic by Dare Ferjan

EEA Photography Competition - Tera mystic by Dare Ferjan

The new kingdom of the golden eagle by Jonathan Díaz Marbá
Photograph: Jonathan Díaz Marbá/EEA

EEA Photography Competition - The new kingdom of the golden eagl

Healthy environment by Roberto Pestarino

EEA Photography Competition - Healthy environment by Roberto Pestarino

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