Exploring Photography – Forced Perspective

A photography technique that we can’t get enough of right now is the use of forced perspective. The technique employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is. Forced perspective photography manipulates human visual perception through the use of scaled objects and the correlation between them and the vantage point, this technique is popular in filmmaking and architecture. Notable films that have used this photography method in recent years are Harry Potter, Gulliver’s Travels, Tim Burton’s remake of Alice in Wonderland and Peter Jackson’s film adaptations of The Lord of Rings.

With photography, a forced perspective technique gives a certain feel to an image, a photographer can create something that is not aligned with reality. The reason this can be achieved is because our perceptions about the world around us are based on points of reference that we create for ourselves. In architecture and landscaping you can create desired illusion of space. The Greeks made the columns narrower towards the top to create an illusion of a greater height.

If you’re a budding photographer there are some helpful steps to follow in creating the perfect forced perspective still life photograph.

1. Place a camera on a tripod
2. Use a wide angle lens
3. Use adequate f-stop to ensure that depth of field is deep enough to maintain subjects
4. Use Aperture priority or manual mode
5. Alter the shape of the surface or any other element within your composition to create an illusion of perspective
6. Keep some elements real

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Merged Subject Forced Perspective Photo

To merge subjects, such as the current trend of old photographs held in front of current versions of the same scene, you’ll follow the same process as the size change forced perspective photos only instead of emphasising size differences you’ll make the old photo match the size of the current scene. For more info on this click here

Some of our favourites from the World Wide Web…

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