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Being a London photography agency representing 9 professional photographers who have worked for the likes of Royal Ascot, Facebook, Capital FM, Samsung, HTC and many more, we probably shouldn’t post an article explaining how you have the potential to be a very skilled photographer with your iPhone …or a £5 disposable camera for that matter.
It’s no secret that cameras on iPhones have become so powerful that the photos you share on social media could be the start of your career as an IOS photographer.

Constantin Opris is the senior editor at Dreamstime, a royalty-free images community based in the US, and he has shared three tips to help you transform your iPhone photography into a serious vocation … or passionate hobby!

iPhone Photography  |Become an iPhone photographer with these 3 easy steps

First and foremost, study photo composition

DSLR or iPhone, this rule applies to all budding photographers. Technique and composition are the ABCs for every photographer and once you learn and understand technique and composition, you can start developing your own personal brand. Finding the photo composition does mean experimenting with your work but once you find a special technique you can start having fun with your personal style.

After finding the composition, the work, creativity, and talent begins. The rules for photography remain the same with mobile, and of course these rules are hardly waiting to be broken. But one should know the rules in the first place, and only after that, feel free to break them if doing so is better for the final result. Wise words Opris!


Get a helping hand with a photography app

It’s important to familiarise yourself with tools and the various photography software available including Enlight and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Opris explains
When you say “mobile phone photography,” people often think about a heavily processed image. Mobile photos live in symbiosis with image editing apps, so the first thing to consider if you’re planning to have your phone as the main camera for taking photos is to know as much as you can about the best photo apps and master the use of them. In addition to editing apps, there are also apps where you can upload and sell your photos.

If you are still struggling to find your personal style, our parent company Megabooth listed some fantastic photography apps to give you a helping hand..

The big bad world of Social Media

Ed Sheeran iPhone Photography | Get a helping hand with a photography app

People are boosting their careers via social media every day, whether they are sharing their personal stories, recipes or work out plans, getting followed, like, shared and talked about online can make all the difference for a photographer to be recognised.

“A museum where people admire your work in silence.” Social Media is platform that allows you to interact with your fans, learn from them, and grow.

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