Exploring Photography – Photography tips for wedding

Thanks to the UK’s unpredictable weather conditions it can often be a tricky destination for a photographer to encourage a bride and groom to stop at all pretty and expansive places they see and set up a shoot on route to the wedding, but if you choose your perfect wedding destination abroad then it’s time to take advantage of nature.

Adventure photography is not just standing over cliffs and labeling it an adventure, Sarah Williams at Fstoppers breaks it down into 3 categories.

1. It’s not a pit stop – Don’t stop at the side of the road to attempt to capture the elements, let a couple into the full adventure experience.
2. It’s not just an adventure –Combine both ends of the wedding photography spectrum with traditional shots, capturing the venue and then the addition of adventure shots.
3. Perfecting your craft – adventure photography takes work and understanding of the elements.

The main objective for a wedding photography album is that the couple has to have an affiliation with their surroundings; it needs to tell their story. Documenting couples that have a shared love of adventure, it’s not just an excuse to go to amazing locations and take photos of couples standing out looking over amazing landscapes.. although, even then you get some incredible results…

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Adventure Wedding Photography by Mike Last

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Exploring Photography – Photography tips for wedding
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Exploring Photography – Photography tips for wedding
‘Destination wedding photography’ has adopted a new name recently and a name you don’t always associate with weddings - ‘adventure photography’