OnePlus ‘Reflexion’ Photography Launched for Android and iOS

Android vendor OnePlus has made its mark in the smartphone industry of late after launching their third handset at the end of October. This week they’ve delved into app development by releasing their first app for Android and Apple, called Reflexion. The photography app lets users captures image, make creative composition, and share them on social platforms.
According to OnePlus, about exploring contrasts and harmony in everyday moments.” More exactly, this is a photography application that can use images taken from your handset’s front and rear cameras at the same time to create “unique reflections” – showing both you, and what you’re seeing when you’re snapping photos.

OnePlus ‘Reflexion’ Photography App

The new Reflexion app by OnePlus uses both the front and rear cameras of the smartphone. Users start by taking an image with the front facing camera, and then an image with the rear camera. The app automatically combines the two into an X-shaped frame. Users can reposition the photos and X frame by dragging, to fiddle with the composition

We appreciate the Reflexion app isn’t cutting edge technology but we can’t resist a photographer app using smartphone cameras, you can try out the photographer app here. We also love Retrica, a photographer app that allows you to apply artistic filters that are applied to the cameras viewfinder liver, meaning you can use view what the a photo looks like with a filter before the photo is taken. It has a simple and easy interface that gives you a shitter key on the bottom and instant settings to add vignetting, a shallow depth of field effect, simple border and timer. For the more experienced photography app users you can slo manually set your aspect ratio between 3:4 and 1:1, aswell as an option to use a multi-panel effect that captures photos on a custom interval and stitches them into a collage.

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OnePlus ‘Reflexion’ Photography App
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OnePlus ‘Reflexion’ Photography App
OnePlus ‘Reflexion’ Photography Launched for Android and iOS.The photography app lets users captures image, make creative composition, and share them on social.