Wedding photography – Why are so many people are moved by this wedding photograph

Social media, photography, wedding and fashion sites have gone into meltdown the last few days thanks to a stunning shot captured by Sydney photographer Sam Yeldam. The aftermath since the photo went viral has begged the questions why were so many people are moved by this picture?
While capturing a timelapse of a storm rolling in over Sydney Harbour, Yeldham captured his first ever Wedding photograph. Astonishingly the photography was taken when the couple had wandered down to the harbour at the same time with their own wedding photographer, hoping to take some shots alongside the water at sunset.

Photographer captures couple in spectacular wedding shot

“The bride was wearing a pretty long, flowing gown and was trying to prevent it from getting wet, her husband was trying to help her and combat the epic wind that was throwing the dress around,” Yeldham told BuzzFeed.
“It was kind of ridiculous how well-timed the shoot ended up being. The rain stopped just as the sun was hitting the bridge and was only clear for 15 minutes or so… the couple walked out over the platform and probably managed to get into one good pose before the wind and weather threatened to ruin the shoot.”

The art of photography has changed in recent years, thanks to the advances in technology, social media and high quality cameras that are widely available, often found on our phones. However, photographers are managing to hold their own and it’s when photos like this surface we get reminded of their qualities.

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Photographer captures couple in spectacular wedding shot
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Photographer captures couple in spectacular wedding shot
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