Best Buy: photography accessories for your smartphone

With a items to make you feel all nostalgic to innovations in photography that will keep you one step ahead going into the new year, our top 5 gifts are set to transform your phone.

The Pocket Spotlight


pocket-spotlight | Photography

The Pocket Spotlight is an accessory that not only provides a softer and more flattering quality of light, but also lets you adjust how the light falls on your subjects before image capture.

The Impossible Project Instant Lab


Impossible | Photography Accessories For Your Smartphone

Once you have a stock of digital photos saved in the archives of your phone , this gadget transforms them images on all Apple products into a real analog instant photograph – in the classic square frame made famous by polaroid.

Fish Eye Lens for iPhone


Photography Macro Fish Eye LensAccessories For Your Smartphone

A staff favourite at The Social Picture, this high quality lightweight case is durable and discreet with a rubberized feel and non-slip grip. These lenses add a whole new perspective to your photography with 160° wide angle shots. Take quirky videos and photos this party season.



X-Lapse Photography Accessories For Your Smartphone

360 photography has been a major product of 2015 and the X-Lapse allows to take up to 360 sweeping time lapse films and awe inspiring wide angle panoramic images.



HTC Re | Photography Accessories

It seems like iPhone control most of the photography accessories but HTC are trying to make a stamp on the market with their reimagining of the point and shoot camera. The HTC RE is a small handheld camera that allows you to naturally capture and fully experience the moment, through video and photography, without anything getting in your way.

Photography Accessories For Your Smartphone
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Photography Accessories For Your Smartphone
Photography accessories are always popular stocking fillers and for 2015 the array of gifts available for a new generation of smartphone photographers is bigger and better than ever.