Photography Exhibition at On Gallery Mayfair – Celebrating film stars through photos

The majority of us are fascinated by the lives and personas of movie stars, whether you admit to it or not, we live in a generation where most can’t go a day without traipsing through the Mail Online’s gossip pages. A new exhibition has opened at the On Gallery in Mayfair and showcases a collection of celebrity stills that demonstrate that contemporary culture hasn’t lost its obsession with rock ’n’ rollers and Hollywood superstars. Prominent amongst the exhibition are images of Dustin Hoffman as Ratso Rizzo in Midnight Cowboy, Michael Caine as Harry Palmer, Audrey  as Eliza Doolittle and David Bowie. Amongst the iconic figures you will find at the exhibition, there are defining images from the twentieth century from the 1993 Space Shuttle Endeavour and Winston Churchill.

David Bowie, 1982 | Photography Exhibition at On Gallery Mayfair

audrey-hepburn-eliza-doolittle | Photography Exhibition at On Gallery Mayfair

Michael Caine  | Photography Exhibition at On Gallery Mayfair

“Pictures of celebrities, or people of note, appeal to our aspirational selves,” ONGallery’s Publishing Director Lance Leman tells BJP. “They are little pictures into what we identify with, or who perhaps we would like to be.”

The instantly recognisable images are sourced from both private individuals and international archives and collections. The photographers behind the images include a number of rare vintage photographs by Terry O’Neill, whose work continues to be prominent in national art galleries. O’Neill has been described by Lance Leman as one of the most important photographers during the Dolce Vita period – ‘the golden age of Italian Cinema’…’he spoke five languages and was the movie moguls’ photographer of choice for their films.

The idea of the vintage photographs at the exhibition is not only about a focus on an individual, but the value and social commentary of a time where those figures influenced society to dress, speak and act in a specific way.

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Photography Exhibition at On Gallery Mayfair
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Photography Exhibition at On Gallery Mayfair
Photography exhibition at On Gallery Mayfair - celebrating film stars through photos. Why are we obsessed with celebrity culture?