London based photographer Tom is an experienced social, fashion and lifestyle photography who has had his work published in the national tabloids and magazines, his growing client list including British Gas, Chelsea FC and HSBC to name a few.

Tom has worked on several key projects at The Social Picture in 2015, including Britain’s most valuable race meeting, Royal Ascot, Universal Music’s VIP Newcomer event in Berlin and Ed Sheeran’s headline shows at Wembley Stadium. Previous events include the UEFA Champions League in Lisbon, Hackett Store Launch and Expedia’s annual corporate event.

Read our interview with Tom below…

What does photography mean to you?

I love my job, its hard work but if you pick a job you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. I love the pressure of the unexpected. To be given a black slate and make something look cool and capture it in a certain way, it’s awesome.

Can you describe that “moment” (experience, emotion,) when you knew that photography was something you just had to do?

It started as hobby developed over time, a defining moment was standing on the main stage at festival in front thousands of people and getting them to throw their hands in the air for a single photo – just seeing people’s expressions, a jaw dropping sight, a picture is worth a 1000 words.

How would you best describe your style of photography?

Spontaneous, shoot first, think later. A million things go through my head in a split second whilst shooting. Lighting, composition, exposure, depth of field, background, trying to predict the subjects movements and capture the photo just at the right time, all these things make up the final image, if I get lost in the photo then my job is complete.

Does your approach change depending on what you are working on?

Yes massively, if I’m shooting a wedding it’s all about the bride and emotions, if I’m shooting an underground techno rave its all about the lighting, DJs and attempting to capture the atmosphere. If I’m shooting PR for a company it’s all about the subject and branding. You need to adapt on each project.

Are there some clichés in photography you steer away from?

I’m more of a get in, get the shot and get out before anyone knows what has happened kind-of-person. I love having time to be creative on shoots, you won’t find me sitting in the same 4 walls of a studio for days on end. I’ll be out using the environment around me!

An enthusiastic budding photographer approaches you, what’s the first bit of advice you throw their way?

Run, don’t look back, they will eat you alive! Its a dog eat dog world, every day people say “I’m doing photography at uni etc” I say change to do a course in business because its not how good you are as a photographer, its about how well you market yourself and how good you make people THINK you are as a photographer!

What inspires you to create new work?

I love it when people approach me with exciting new ideas we can work on together, personal projects are very important to keep things fresh and fun.

What is your dream project?

I have many, I do quiet a lot of work abroad and I love it. I’d love to do a tropical underwater shoot?

Quick fire questions

Canon or Nikon?

I own literally the best Nikon equipment money can buy (even Nasa use my camera in space haha) – I only use the best gear because it helps me get my job done quickly and efficiently. People say it doesn’t matter what camera you own, well, yes it does, in certain fields anyway. You wouldn’t race round Silverstone in a Ford Focus… Photography is not a cheap game.

Lomography or Leica?

WTF is Lomography? lol

Analogue or digital?

Digital is very much ‘my weapon of choice, but I learnt on 35mm film, developing prints in the dark room, those days were really special. I still occasionally shoot personal projects on film.

Black and White or Colour?

Depends on the job. If I’m behind creative then I love black and white, it adds a sort of mood to the image. I love editing the first dance of weddings in black and white and similar atmospheric shots. For day to day jobs, colour is the way to go.

Love black and white when used correctly, in my nightlife work I’d happily shoot black and white all the time but only digital because on photoshop and light room I customised my presets with my own styles and ideas. Editing, retouching etc is a big part of photography these days, I love making images look amazing after they have been shot, there’s always room for improvements after the shot.

Instagram or Flickr?

haha! Everyone who has an iPhone is a photographer these days. I used to love Instagram until a load of teenage girls started posting baby photos…

Cats or Dogs?


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The Social Picture put him under the photographer spotlight, you can read the full interview here.


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