New Feature: Wedding Photographers on Instagram

Whilst the decorators are working hard to spruce up The Social Picture Instagram account we thought we would delve into the Insta world and show you some of our favourite wedding photographers…

Katie Mitchell
Followers – 87k
Device of choice iPhone 6

Katie Mitchell | Wedding Photographers on Instagram

Australian photographer Katie Mitchell stunning portfolio of blooming florals wrapped around backdrops from Paris and the world, classify her as true bridal pioneer.

Jose Villa
Followers on Instagram – 295k
Device of choice – iPhone 5
IG Filer – Rise

Jose Villa | Wedding Photographers on Instagram

Josa Villa is a fine art wedding photographer and author of Fine Art Wedding Photography. This simple understated shot is the perfect balance of backdrop and subject – it’s one of our favourites finds on Instagram.

Corbin Gurkin
Followers – 30.8k

Corbin Gurkin | Wedding Photographers on Instagram

Destination photographer Corbin Gurkin has one of the most breathtaking social media feeds, where you can find magic in each of her photos. Check out this birdseye view of the bride that effortlessly encapsulates the hairdo, dress, floral arrangement and venue decor.

Alex Rapada
Followers : 32.6k
Device of choice
IG Filter: Rise

Alex Rapada | Wedding Photographers on Instagram

Wedding photographer Alex Rapada spends his time between Los Angeles and Hawaii and we came across his Instagram from a photo he took at his cousin’s wedding when an ice cream truck pulled up outside the venue gate. “It was perfect timing for the couple, since this day was a record heatwave for Los Angeles”.

Heather Waraksa
Followers: 2,862k

Heather Waraska | Wedding Photographers on Instagram

The uber cool Brooklyn resident, Heather Waraksa, radiates creativity and life through her natural love of photography and extensive list of high-profile clients. This is photo captured is worthy of a large bridal campaign over Times Square.


Wedding Photographers on Instagram
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Wedding Photographers on Instagram
Check out some of our favourite wedding photographers on Instagram... whilst we wait patiently for The Social Picture's account to surface!