Why brands are moving to Instagram to advertise

It’s been reported this week that global and national brands as well as creative entrepreneurs are moving their display ads from Facebook to the photo based social network Instagram. This begs the question is Instagram becoming the favourite social network?
A report published by advisory firm Forrester, found that Instagram updates from top brands generate 58 times higher engagement rate per follower when compared to Facebook and 120 times higher than posts on Twitter.

Photo campaigns on Instagram are the most popular way to convey a message and with Instagram predominately image based it’s appears to have become the most effective way for a brand to reach out to their audience.  Electronics manufacturer Breakfast NY were given an open brief to construct an out-of-the-box advertising campaign for  Forever 21, and after toiling away for 18 months, they created a screen made up of over 200,000 moving parts, displaying fans selfies on Instagram using 6,000 spools of thread.

Creative director at Breakfast NY, Andrew Zolty on the campaign, ‘Instagram is the most artistic of social networks and with Forever 21 having 7.5 million followers, creating the machine resulted in thousands of hashtags in no time’. Despite the complexity to create the campaign, a simple #F21ThreadScreen hashtag was all it took for fans to be displayed on the enormous thread screen.

Instagram advertising campaigns - Forever21_ThreadScreen15

Instagram advertising campaigns - Instagram campaign - Forever21_ThreadScreen15

Creating a hashtag for an event or campaign is a great way to increase brand exposure and our parent company Megabooth launched a revolutionary Instagram printing service in 2014. This modern day photo booth instantly prints photos uploaded to Instagram via an event hashtag and this unique photo experience has been used at weddings, store launches and large corporate events including the UEFA Champions League with HTC.
A popular combination package is live event photography and hashtag printing station to ensure all moments are captured, be it by a roaming photographer or hashtag printing – contact us today for more information.

Social media is often criticised for the decline in human attention spans, therefore it’s no surprise that the visually stimulating platforms thrive. For the moment, Instagram is the IN thing, at least for now…

Advertising on Instagram
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Advertising on Instagram
Instagram is becoming the go to social network for display advertising, visual campaigns and the revolutionary hashtag printing at events created by Megabooth.