Eight Million Project by Greg Krycinski

Greg Krycinski’s ongoing Eight Million photography project shows London in a new light – empty. Considered to be one of the biggest and busiest capitals in the world with approximately 8 million residents, Krycinski’s latest project manages to capture empty London streets in a collection of thought-provoking black and white photos.
In an interview with Creative Boom, an online blog celebrating all things productive, Krycinski explained the project, “With such a high population, one would never consider that London can be extremely quiet, empty and transcend feeling of desolation at times. Eight Million is an ongoing project attempting to capture the stillness and isolation between the centuries old architecture mixed with modern glass structures. Even between the crowds, one can feel detached from it all.”

Images from the Eight Million project…

Eight-Million-Project 1 by Greg Krycinski

Eight-Million-Project 2 by Greg Krycinski

Eight-Million-Project 3 by Greg Krycinski

Eight-Million-Project 4 by Greg Krycinski

Eight-Million-Project 5 by Greg Krycinski

Greg Krycinski early interests were in music after developing a successful audio-visual engineering career, while his musical ear grew accustomed to a more passive role of a listener. The technical ability and experience he gathered has proved an excellent foundational base once he stumbled upon his old forgotten affinity for still photography.

Discover more of Greg’s work on his website or follow his blog ‘Ditch It All

Eight Million Project by Greg Krycinski
Article Name
Eight Million Project by Greg Krycinski
London is considered as one of the most over populated capitals in the world but Greg Krycinski’s Eight Million Project manages to capture London in a new light.