Exploring Photography: Experimental Photos

Water is the focal point of our latest Exploring Photography feature ‘Experimental Photos’. Waterfalls and waves are no longer the only way to capture the beauty of water, reflections, splashes, abstracts and puddles provide a much more challenging photo opportunity. For example, water reflections can’t have sunlight shining directly on it, abstracts only occur when the water is gently swelling or rippling and both require focus, time and consideration.

We found some great tips for water picture taking on picturecorrect.com

Reflections – The best time to capture the perfect reflections is either early morning or early evening, when the water is in the shadow. When you find an interesting reflection, you use a graduated neutral density filter to balance the lighting and use just a minimum of shoreline and a maximum of reflection.

Reflections | Christopher Martin | Experimental Photos

‪Photography by Christopher Martin

Abstracts – To find the perfect colours and tones being reflected in running water from onshore and overhead things takes patience. To get the ideal abstract shot you need to use a fast shutter speed on something just in or on the water that you can clearly focus on.

Abstracts | Experimental Photos | Exploring Photography

Photography by ‪Jack Benson Photography

Sprays – Can provide the perfect sparkle if you get the angle right, even if it is from your garden sprinkler. To achieve this you use both high and low shutter speeds and compare results.

Sprays | Experimental Photos | Exploring Photography

Puddles – Take a picture and find an interesting pattern of raindrop circles. Photograph a puddle in the evening with an overhanging street light or nearby office building that reflect in the puddle.

Puddles | Experimental Photos | Exploring Photography

Photo by Congolese Photographer capturing the beauty of Daily Street Life In Puddles.

Foam – created from wave swirls on the beach with the swirl pattern in the foreground are best shot using a slow shutter speed.

Foam | Experimental Photos | Exploring Photography

Shot by National Geographic photographer.

There are many tips and techniques on the Picture Correct website with a more detailed insight into stunning water based photography.