Exploring Photography – Pinhole Photography with The Guardian and Timelapse to raise awareness on the dangers of light pollution

In the world of photography this week, two photographers in Los Angeles are using Timelapse technology to raise funds and awareness about the dangers of light pollution and The Guardian’s June issue of their ‘Do Something’ magazine will be exploring the best pinhole photography.

The old: Pinhole photography

Exploring Photography – Pinhole and Timelapse 1

A Pinhole cameras design and photography technique is as charming in its aesthetic as the pictures it produces and photographers will have the opportunity to have their Pinhole work in The Guardian’s upcoming  ‘Do Something’ Magazine for June. Photos can be sent via the GuardianWitness site – home of reader’s content on the Guardian. Posts will be reviewed prior to publication on GuardianWitness, and the best pieces with feature on the Guardian site.

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The new: Time-lapase

Exploring Photography – Pinhole and Timelapse 2

Downtown Los Angeles has arguably one of the greatest evening skylines in the US, but due to pollution that’s the only flickering lights you can see in the night sky. According to photographer Gavin Heffernen, light pollution has robbed many of the Los Angeles residents of a sky filled with stars.

“For a lot of people the idea of a Milky Way or a night sky above them is like a unicorn, or it’s just like science fiction,” said Heffernan, who has been capturing time-lapses of skies around America with his film-making partner Harun Mehmedinovic.

In an effort to raise awareness and make sure we don’t lose the night sky altogether. The pair are running a Kickstarter campaign to help capture the best star-scapes in the country.

Their project SkyGlow is a book of astrophotography and timelapse video series exploring North America’s starscaps and the growing threat of light pollution.

Watch the video and back the campaign here.

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