A beginners guide on capturing festival and concert performances by Ben Hoppen

With the festival and summer concert season nearly upon us photographers have to start making decisions on what camera equipment they want to carry around to capture ‘that moment’. The issue photographers have is they need equipment that won’t be a hindrance whilst trying to contend with mosh pits and mud. In steps the compact camera system. Concert and festival photography is hard work, photographers have to move around and constantly think on their feet while composing each shot. We’ve put together simple tips for you to consider to capture that unforgettable performance…

Concert and Festival Photography Wembley by The Social Picture

Festival and Concert Photography – Lighting conditions

Festival and Concert Photography
Photography by Jeffrey Zoss

Tip 1: Avoid using the flash in the evening light, using the lighting during an artists performance creates more exciting compositions.
Tip 2: A lower aperture will allow the most possible light into the camera and ideally you will opt for a fast shutter speed of about 1/200 or faster to avoid blur.

Eider Iturriaga |Festival and Concert Photography
Photography by Eider Iturriaga

Tip 3:The ISO has to be around 1600. This is to deal with the lack of light that camera sensor is taking in. If the photo at 1600 ISO is still too dark you can push up your ISO to the next number – 2500ISO. However you should avoid pushing the ISO too high because the camera might not be able to handle a high ISO and your images could come out with a grainy effect.

Concert and Festival Photography British Airways by The Social Picture

Tip 4: Due to the volume of shots you are bound to do at a festival or concert when shooting in continuous mode it’s recommended to shoot in JPEG format instead of raw. You don’t want to be fiddling with memory cards when you are attempting to focus on a subject to capture the moment.

Concert and Festival photography by The Social Picture.

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If you are a photographer get yourself out there, find festival, and start photographing. Don’t forget to share your photos with us!

Festival and Concert Photography Tips
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Festival and Concert Photography Tips
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