Glow Booth – Light painting photography

Thanks to cutting edge technology the possibilities for event photography has reached new heights, but if it was a game of trumps, our new Glow Booth would be top of the pile for photography innovations. Long are the days when photographers head out in the dark searching for inspiration, the glow booth expands the possibilities of light painting like never before, making it even easier to be creative.

In 1889, artist Georges Demeny created the first known light painting photograph, “Pathological Walk From in Front”, by attaching incandescent bulbs to his assistant’s clothing and taking a long exposure. Demeny used a process that could make multiple exposures on a single photographic plate in rapid succession, Marey and Demeny could capture the visible traces of an entire motion in regular intervals and study that action at a level of detail not attainable by earlier photographic technologies. The technique was groundbreaking and became the touchstone for 125 years.. at least until now.

The technology behind the Glow Booth has made it the world’s most advanced tool for light painting photography and we recently gave it to photographer Tom at a press event for Claire’s at Sketch in London. Here are the glowing results…

Glow Booth LED Backdrop

Glow Booth Rainbow 1

Glow Booth LED Light Painting

Glow Booth Rainbow 2

Your eyes haven’t deceived you that colour display in the picture is a linear digital light panel packed with 200 full-colour LED and is available to hire with our photographers today. Glow Booth has one more trick up it’s sleeve, if you looked at the images above and thought it would be even better to add your company brand or slogan to the light painting that’s possible too.

It’s a photography form that has moved on leaps and bounds from its early days, although to date, the most sophisticated light-painting tools have been created at home by passionate light-painting photographers but that’s all set to change now.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of how the Glow Booth creates wondrous light paintings to illuminate any background, you need a professional photographer to get the results. View our diverse mix of photographers you can hire with the Glow Booth here.

18th century light painting..

Glow Booth | Light Painting by George Demney

Glow Booth - Light painting photography
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Glow Booth - Light painting photography
Glow Booth - a new age in light painting and photographer innovation has arrived and it's available to hire with The Social Picture photographers today.