Premium photography hire – Kardashian Style Studio Booth

There’s been a new wave of photography that has been circulating social media for the past year and it will probably come as no surprise to many that the Kardashian girls were, and still are, at the centre of it. Dubbed as the Kardashian style photo booth, these high quality black and white portraits have taken Instagram by storm.

Kardashian Style Studio Booth | The Social Picture Photography Hire

But what is the real magic behind these simple monochrome portraits and why they causing such a stir on social media? Two words, ‘FLAWLESS FACE’. Achieving a flawless face is the goal for every beauty photographer and we’ve worked tirelessly to put all these elements together for our new Kardashian style studio booth packages.

Kardashian Style Studio Booth

The photography has featured at a number of high profile events in the US including the Oscars, the Emmys, Coachella and corporate events for the New York Times, Marie Claire, GQ, Esquire and even Google’s staff holiday party – you can see evidence of this on Instagram where celebrities have been sharing their striking colourless photos regularly. If you want to emulate photos posted by Gigi Hadid at her 21st birthday or Kylie Jenner celebrating her graduation on Instagram our new Kardashian style studio booth is rapidly becoming the A-listers choice.
Their black and white portraits looks somehow both perfectly candid and precisely posed, taken from the shoulders up, in which everyone — regardless of age, race, or sex — looks completely flawless.

Kardashian Style Studio Booth | Gigi Hadid Photo Experience

We plan to role out the Kardashian style studio photography booth at high end fashion events, product launches and weddings in the coming months and although we can’t let you in to all our secrets on achieving a ‘flawless face’, rest assured this photographic experience is the go to choice for high profiles occasions  and celebrities alike.

The Kardashian style studio booth set up includes a white matt background, studio lighting and professional photographer. Additional extras include instant branded prints, Animated GIFs, email upload and guestbook depending on the type of the event you have. Get in touch for prices today.

Premium photography hire - Kardashian Style Studio Booth
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Premium photography hire - Kardashian Style Studio Booth
To create a striking black and white portraits as seen by the Kardashians and Gigi Hadid, we now have a Kardashian style studio booth available for hire.
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