Leica has announced a new camera – the M Monochrom (Type 246)

“We didn’t invent photography, but we invented photography.” – Leica

The German brand celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2014 and from photographers Henri Cartier-Bresson to Annie Leibovitz, many of the world’s most iconic images all were shot with Leica.

“The most iconic images in history, even the ones that weren’t taken with a Leica, were taken because of a Leica.” – Leica

The brand has announced an updated version of it’s black and white-only rangefinder camera, the M Monochrom (Type 246).
The new model is based on the latest M-P (Typ 240) that uses a 24MP full frame CMOS sensor, the Type 246 has an identical body design to the M-P, but the sensor has no colour filter array, resulting in sharp monochromatic images.
The design of the Leica M Monochrom reflects the established philosophy of the Leica rangefinder system and concentrates on particular robustness and discretion.
The M Monochrom can also capture high-quality video in black and white. Video recording can be quickly and conveniently started and stopped with a separate release button.


For more information and details on the new Leica M Monochrome (Type 246) visit AmateurPhotographer.co.uk

Here are some of iconic images from the 20th century .. shot by Leica..

Cartier-Bresson studied as a painter but soon discovered photography through the lens of a Leica 35 mm camera – photo taken in Brussels in 1947.

Henri Cartier-Bresson Leica | Leica M Monochrom

Cartier-Bresson studied as a painter but soon discovered photogra-phy through the lens of a Leica 35 mm camera. Through that lens, he captured iconic photographs of the 20th Century, including this one taken in Brussels in 1947.

Flood in Wetzlar – Oskar Barnack, 1920


New York City – Elliott Erwitt, 1974


The legend lives on and so does our love affair with Leica cameras…