My love affair with Leica

Where to begin? How do you describe a camera that finds new ways to inspire you and deliver results that will constantly surprise you? Unlike DSLRs or compacts, Leica Cameras are rangefinders, meaning it allows you to focus through a viewfinder in the top left corner. Focusing with a rangefinder takes time, forcing a photographer to think carefully about the composition of the shot.

my love affair with Leica cameras
From top left and clockwise – David Bowie, Pablo Picasso, Vivian Maier, Charlotte Rampling

Iconic images have been captured through Leica glass: a solider celebrating VJ Day in Times Square, Alberto Korda’s image of Che Guevara, the Soviet flag flying over the Reichstag, the list can go on, and the cameras have been in the hands of some of the most celebrated photographers of all time. The late Henri Cartier-Bresson inspired thousands with his personal images of everyday life in France and Annie Leibovitz for her iconic celebrity portraits for Rolling Stone Magazine and Vanity Fair including the likes of John Lennon with Yoko Ono.

Annie Leibovitz | My love affair with Leica Cameras

HENRI-cartier Bresson | My love affair with Leica Cameras

Che-guevara - My Love affair with Leica Cameras

Leica cameras today are still used by professionals but they have become a fashion accessory for the A-listers, from David Beckham and Brad Pitt to the Royal Family and Queen Elizabeth herself, Leica is status symbol with a purpose.

My love affair began after experiencing the most moving and heartstopping photography exhibition, during a visit to Germany for Photokina – the largest photography exhibition in Europe.  A poignant collection of images shot by singer Bryan Adams of ex-servicemen who had suffered life-changing injuries whilst serving their country has remained in my psyche for a number of reasons.

Bryan Adams shots of wounded British Soldiers

The project was called ‘Wounded –The Legacy of War’ and the series examined a collection of impressive but heart wrenching portraits of young British soldiers who returned from Iraq or Afghanistan either disabled or injured in action. There is a unique story behind each portrait and through the imagery it manages to encapsulate that without the need for an explanation.  Each individual was photographed in a very simple setting, white background and flooring, forcing the viewer to focus on the subject and get a sense of the emotion and trauma they had suffered and how far they’ve come to defeat the demons of war.

You can read more about it here

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My love affair with Leica
Article Name
My love affair with Leica
My love affair with Leica began after stumbling across a heart wrenching photography exhibition in Germany, shot by singer Bryan Adams.
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