Exploring Photography Week 3: Motion Blur Photography

Motion blur is a technique used for making fast moving objects appear blurred. The result from motion blur is the image will be recording changes during the recording of a single frame, either due to rapid movement or long exposure. The idea of capturing movement in images is something that many photographers only consider when photographing sports or fast moving objects but now many types of photography can benefit from the emphasis of movement, no matter how small, slow or subtle.

Motion Blur | Wedding Photography

Once you master motion blur, it can be used to create stunning photographs at weddings, by putting the emphasis on a couple and making the background blurred or vice versa. Dancing at a wedding is a great place to take advantage of a slow shutter speed to blur motion, the first dance of a married couple is the perfect opportunity to play around with the shutter speed throughout.

If motion blur is a technique you want to experiment with, there are several other methods that work seamlessly with it, including Slow Sync Flash. This technique combines longer shutter speeds with the use of a flash, so that elements in the shot are frozen still while others are blurry. Panning is another skill that adopts a similar process to motion blur by moving the camera along with a subject so that the object appears out of focus but the background blurs.

Slow Sync Flash | Panning | Motion Blur

The digital photography school provides a number of step-by-step exercises to show you how you can capture movement with creative blur. You can artificially achieve a motion blur effect in a usual scene by simply using a camera with a slow shutter speed.