A resident photographer at Red Bull Studios and Abbey Road who has captured over 100 iconic artists in her time. Her music imagery has been published in multiple magazines including Hello, The Times and The London Paper. Having a Fine Art background, she learnt analogue and her photographic skills on a job 8 years ago and has been shooting ever since. Athena specializes in music photography, which includes portraits, reportage and events.

Read our interview with Athena below…

What does photography mean to you?

A seed of your imagination that manifests into reality – ART. A Memory allocator, a slice of time.

What photographers influenced your work?

I always look up inspiration before shoots, so there are many and it’s diverse! An inspiring Photographer for me is Annie Leibovitz as I love her earthy colour palette and the way she leans towards the fantastical and surreal.

What do you want your viewers to take away from your work?

I would like them to feel connected to the person/subject in the picture.

Are there some clichés in photography you steer away from?

Overly posed shots!.

An enthusiastic budding photographer approaches you, what’s the first bit of advice you throw their way?

Get out there and shoot whenever and whatever you can to get an idea what you like. It is also a great way to make contacts and future clients. Assisting talented photographers is always inspirational and educational too.

Quick fire questions

Canon or Nikon?

Nikon, it chose me!

Lomography or Leica?

Leica = beauty.

Analogue or digital?

BOTH!! Analogue because it forces you to take time and the grain is amazing. Digital because it is so efficient and you can play with the medium more easily.

Black and White or Colour?

They can be just as good as each other!

Instagram or Flickr?


Cats or Dogs?

I love Dogs!! I have finally met 1 cat that I like so things are looking up on the cat front!

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