Selfie and The Selfie Stick phenomenon

Why has it taken us until now to post something about selfies and the selfie stick phenomenon that has changed photography for good? Well, last week Tim Peake, the first British astronaut, took a stroll in space, quite a moment in British history. However, the media and blogs alike were more interested in reporting on the most audacious and spectacular selfie to date featuring the Earth reflecting in Tim Peake’s helmet visor.

Selfie and Selfie Sticks | Shameless accessory

The selfie has become a universal product of society and for the past few years the selfie stick/monopod has been staple stocking filler for your brother, sister, nieces, nephews, mum and nan. What you may not have known about the selfie stick is that it was invented twice, two decades apart, by men on opposite sides of the world – both of whom experienced problems whilst holidaying in Europe and attempting to capture themselves immersed in the picturesque surroundings.
This claw-like, expanding wand reminiscent of a metal detector or a trash picker is undoubtedly the world’s most shameless fashion accessory ever and now the most rebellious, since it has been banned from stadiums, concerts, museums and even from the next Apple conference.

Oscar selfie | Selfie and Selfie Sticks

I know some of you will turn your nose up or even shudder at the thought of a selfie stick but if you look up #selfiestick on Instagram you’ll find thousands of results of beaming couples and families – proving that an outstretched arm is no match for the variation of angles you get with the magic wand. More importantly you will a never be collared by a family or couple again to take a photo and then have to wait for them to approve it before you can continue your day.

And let’s be honest how good would that infamous Oscar selfie of been by Bradley Cooper if he had a selfie stick at his disposal? The possibilities are endless.

The Selfie Stick
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The Selfie Stick
Has British Astronaut Tim Peake made selfies cool again? And why we should be full of admiration for the Selfie Stick.