Worthing photographers capture solar eclipse on camera

Although the BBC reported that millions of people in the UK and northern Europe caught a glimpse of the ‘the best solar eclipse in years’, many of us were left disappointed. If like us, you waited patiently for the dark clouds to disperse, you may be feeling short changed from the whole experience. There were however a number of amateur astronomers that caught a break in the crowds to witness the phenomenon… partially.

Steve Bassett, of Worthing Skywatchers said: “It started appearing through the clouds at about 10:20am and then was in and out right up to the end …20 mins after it finished it was blue skies – typical”

Worthing photographers capture solar eclipse on camera.

Freelance photographer Eddie Mitchell caught the event on camera and can be viewed in a video here

Like many, the Independent shared your disappointment this morning and published an article today revealing how you can make a solar eclipse of your own with a Pinhole camera, a technique depicted in our Exploring Photography series.