Behind-the-Scenes Look at Photographing the Emmy Award Show

The 67th annual Emmy Awards are one of the largest award ceremonies in the world and USA Today has put together a fascinating video showing us what goes into photographing at the Emmys. The video is a great insight into the preparation that has gone into an event of such magnitude – photographers are just a handful of staff present to cover the event and the broadcast station followed two of their photographers, Dan MacMeden and Robert Hanashiro as they document their efforts in the build up to the Emmys and during the show.

The video begins with an explanation from Macmedan’s of the red carpet shooting, from where photographers are positioned about 10-15 feet away from the celebrities. Equipped with what seems to be a Canon 1D X, he explains that his aim outside is to capture the famous red carpet photos of nominees and other celebs.
“We want to see fashion, and that’s mostly what it’s all about, especially the women”, Macmedan says. “Head to toe, we want to see from the style of their hair all the way down to what kind of shoes they’re wearing”, he adds, stating that when it comes to the men it’s mostly about getting a shot of them in their fancy tuxedos.
Next Macmedan explains that other than fashion, photographer on the red carpet really want to get eye contact in their photos. “That’s what really says that they’re looking at you and you do whatever you can to get them to look at you. Yell, scream, make funny jokes. Whatever it is, what we want is eye contact”.

 The Emmy Awards Dan Macmedan

Macmedan’s colleague Robert Hanashiro is in charge of getting the shots during the show itself, equip with Nikon D4 and D810 with a 600mm lens on a monopod, the photographer explains, “The most important thing for me is having a nice clear shot at the reaction of the winners when they’re announced. I think that spontaneous moment of when their name is announced, “the winner is…”, and there’s like this second where everything just stops and then you get this wonderful expression on the winner’s face”.

The EMMYs Awards photography Robert Hanshiro

It’s Hanshiro’s 26th Emmy Awards. Watch as both photographers discuss their thought process, their seats for the awards and approach to covering the top event.

The awards ceremony took place on 21st September with all the biggest stars in television in attendance in Los Angeles.
Game Of Thrones emerged as the big winner – picking up 12 trophies.

The Emmy Awards 2015
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The Emmy Awards 2015
Behind-the-Scenes Look at Photographing the 67th Emmy Award Show with USA Today photographers Dan MacMeden and Robert Hanshiro.