There’s a new walkway in town…

The entrance of the new walkway appears to have been inspired by the Starship enterprise, uncompromising angles, symmetry and powerful vanishing point.
Photographers have been flocking to Crossrail Place since the word spread about the walkway, nothing has caused quite a stir since Poplar’s striking foot bridge.

So far…

Walkway Photography by Barney-Moss

Photo by Barney Moss

Walkway Photography by Jord Corbilla

Photo by Jord Corbilla

Walkway photography by Ian Lloyd Smith Kutz

Photo by Kutz

Walkway photography by Li Shen

Photo by Panda1339

Walkway photography by Sean Batten

Photo by Sean Batten

Walkway photogray by Jo Maunder

Photo by Jo

it’s safe to say there’s some stiff competition.

Original story can be found on Time Out London’s blog.

There’s a new walkway in town…
Article Name
There’s a new walkway in town…
The new space age walkway can be found at Crossrail place, which opened in May 2014, connecting the Canary Wharf DLR station to the forthcoming Crossrail station.