The Uefa Champions League in Lisbon

The Social Picture played a big part in Megabooths collaboration with Facebook and HTC for the Uefa Champions League Final in Lisbon. The 2014 edition  took place in the spectacular and historical setting of Praça do Comercio in the heart of the Portuguese capital.

The Trophy Stand Photo Experience

For the three days leading up to the Champions League final, Tom and Jeremy took pictures of the tens of thousands of fans that descended on the festival site and queued patiently to have their picture taken with the most iconic trophy in European football.

Once the fans walked up the replica Uefa Trophy stand and had their picture, they could collect a print and send their image using Facebook and Email at the Megabooth kiosk stand.

Over the 3 days both photographers took over 2,000 photos each and the Megabooth team printed 14,000 copies with approximately 14,000 uploads to Facebook with the #UCLfinal keyword on each picture.

Below show how the trophy experience looked from the trophy arriving at the stand to the very first picture landing on the Megabooth interactive touch screen system. The photos were sent to the computers via a wireless transmitter that then shared the folder to 6 screens.

Uefa Champions League 1 Uefa Champions League 2 Uefa Champions League Trophies Uefa Champions League Trophy Stand Uefa Champions League Trophy Experience Uefa Champions League Kiosk Stand Uefa Champions League Trophy Experience Uefa Champions League Touch Screen

Fortunately there was a bit of time leftover for Tom to walk along the coastal capital to capture the beauty of Lisbon before the short journey back to the UK. From the stunning architecture, rich with history and character to the famous cobbled sidewalks and quaint tram network, Lisbon had a postcard moment at every corner.

The UEFA Champions Final takes place in the host city of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Women’s Champions League finals each year. The 2015 finals will take place at the Olympiastadion in Berlin

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