Exploring Photography – Tilt-Shift

Tilt-shift photography is a process of camera movements on small and medium format cameras, and usually requires the use of special lenses and sometimes specifically refers to the use of tilt for selective focus. The result of this is the camera is manipulated so that a life sized location or subject looks like a miniature-scale model.

“Tilt-shift actually encompasses two different types of movements: rotation of the lens relative to the image plane, called tilt, and movement of the lens parallel to the image plane, called shift” – Wikipedia.

Tilt is used to control the orientation of the plane of focus (PoF), and hence the part of an image that appears sharp; it makes use of the Scheimpflug principle. This rule describes the orientation of the plane of focus of camera movements on a view camera when the lens plane is not parallel to the image plane.

To achieve a miniature effect, a photographer will have to shoot a subject from a high angle (especially from the air); to create an illusion of looking down at a miniature model.

Tilt-shift photography is regularly misconstrued as producing only miniature effects but the technique is much more than just transforming towns to model villages. Tilt-shift is now used for panoramic shots, increasing depth of field and sideways tilt. Tilt-shift is often helpful for avoiding converging verticals, as when photographing tall buildings, and avoiding obstructions or reflections. Check out the Digital Camera World for more details on each individual tilt-shift technique.

Last week for our Exploring Photography series we covered time-lapse photography and discovered that apps are available on both the Apple app store and Play store for many of the techniques we’ve analysed. TiltShift in the Apple App Store can transform a scene into a miniature world, the application simulates a tilt-shift lens that tricks your mind into viewing a photo as a miniature scene like a model railroad for example. Awesome Miniature in the Play store is popular app for beginners looking to learn the art of tilt shift editing.

Examples of Tilt-shift photography





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