Exploring photography – Time-lapse photography

The much admired cinematography technique, Time-lapse photography, has exploded in recent months across every type of social media news feed, mostly down to the technique being widely available in Apple’s app store. Time-lapse photography is technique whereby you can manipulate time, allowing you to capture objects and events that would normally take several minutes, days, or even months can be viewed to completion in seconds. Time-lapse lets you see the natural progression of time, while not having to wait through the actual length of it. For example, the motions of the sun, or stars in the sky become very pronounced.

There is a checklist for perfecting Time-lapse photography and it includes more than just a tripod and camera. An Intervalometer, a device that counts intervals of time, makes the goal accurate and reliable for automatic shutter triggering. Neutral density filters reduce the amount of light entering the camera without altering it’s colour, a useful feature for motion blur photography, as discussed in our previous Exploring Photography feature.

For an in depth look at shooting, setting your exposure and selecting the right camera settings for Time-lapse photography, visit the digital photography school today. If you’re in a moment where the shape, movement and colour of the clouds leave you speechless as the evening sunset nears, you no longer need to rush to find your camera. The Apple Time-lapse feature in iOS 8 is a simple app to you use, the option is available when you go to take a photo on your smart phone or tablet and the app automatically selects what it thinks is the correct capture interval.

For our Exploring Photography series we always include some examples we find truly inspirational, below are some of our favourite Time-lapse photographs.

Exploring Photography - Time-lapse Photography 1 Exploring Photography - Time-lapse Photography 1 Exploring Photography - Time-lapse Photography 1