Guardian Cities explore Urban Instagrammers

Funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, the Guardian Cities websites offer critical exploration of cities around the globe, emphasising the core issues of resilience, the environment, sustainability and poverty.

The Guardian Cities recent feature explores the best Urban Instagrammers from across the globe, each with their own unique take on the city they inhabit. Urban photography is one of the most thought provoking and captivating styles and Instagram is nothing short of a treasure trove when it comes to that.

The Guardian Cities have picked some Instagrammers who have captured their urban surroundings in a beautiful and fascinating ways. Here are some of our favourites from their selection.

London @onelastmidnight | Urban Instagrammers

@onelastmidnight is based in the UK capital, where his favourite area is the square mile of the City of London: “Retaining its medieval street plan, this part of the city is full of narrow streets, alleyways and courtyards. There’s a mix of old and new architecture; it’s a great place to explore and get lost in.”

Lagos Nigeria @snapitoga | Urban Instagrammers

@snapitoga tries to capture the “positivity and energy” of Lagos. In this picture a woman boards a Keke Maruwa during the rains.

Sao Paulo @jbrizida | Urban Instagrammers

@instamooca is an account by @jbrizida dedicated to the neighbourhood of Mooca in São Paulo: “Mooca is a traditional former industrial neighbourhood currently experiencing a rapid growth and modernisation,” she explains. “Despite that, it still has lots of old houses, industrial sheds and cobbled streets. Here there are remnants from the past still being part of people’s daily lives.”

Mumbai @everydaymumbai | Urban Instagrammers

Chirag Wakaskar, curator of @everydaymumbai, took over our account during our week in Mumbai in November 2014, to share images of the city’s people and places. This photograph of a girl washing clothes in the slum area where she resides is taken by @roetry.

New York  @eli_borrero | Urban Instagrammers

@eli_borrero explores the “myriad faces” of New York City. “I try to investigate the various conditions of the facade: colour, rhythm, material, texture, size, scale, depth, transparency, decay and preservation,” he explains. “All of these conditions coalesce under light and shadow giving the facade – and the city – a rich dynamism that I try to capture.”

If you love documenting your city on Instagram, share your photos using the hashtag #guardiancities and they will feature the best on their feed.